Ben Blutzukker: Set the sails! Riptide comes over you…

Ben Blutzukker - Riptide (Cover)

Riptide – the second EP of Ben Blutzukker will be released on 6 October 2017. Once again it is a mix of classic heavy metal, which is enriched here and there with elements from black, death and thrash.

For the title track Riptide the One-Man-Band has launched a stop-motion Lego video ► YouTube

Stab By Stab, whose text is based on a short story by Bram Stoker, comes with a stormy Lyric-Video ► YouTube

Six Sec Sex is a cover song. The original was recorded by the supergroup Illwill, where members of King Diamond,
Mercyful Fate and Memento Mori joined forces for a single album.

Bloodlust is a short and fast track that takes Ben Blutzukker’s favorite subject: bloodsucker.

And then the EP ends with Loose Ends. The lyrics deal with a well-known problem of many musicians: when am I
actually finished?

Reviews (for Analog Blood)

The Metal Mag (90/100) „… “… His voice closed to Lemmy Motorhead and Tom Sodom mixed with different elements
from Metal riffs. You will get a song you love for sure in his creations from Hard Rock riffs to speed Black Metal each song is a story and can get you easilly. …“

WeRockWebzine (8/10) „…In fact from the first instant there is a dark gloomy edge with growling almost demonic
vocals and dirty fat riffs …“

Valkyrian Music (4/5) „… “Heavy Metal” is a good, albeit simplified way to summarize Ben Blutzukker’s new
signature sound. The vocals made me think of Motörhead, Chrome Division and to some extent Dimmu Borgir. Also, if
you listen closely you will discover elements of hard rock and black metal in the guitars …“

Metal Rules (3.5/5) „… Throughout this […] EP, there is a strong resonance of traditional heavy metal, cocktailed with thrashy drums, catchy guitar riffs, gnarly vocals and charismatic lyrics….“



Artist: Ben Blutzukker
Title: Riptide
Release: October 6, 2017
Genre: Heavy Metal
Format: Download, Stream, CD, LEGO-USB-Minifigure

1. Riptide
2. Stab by Stab
3. Six Sec Sex (Illwill Cover)
4. Bloodlust
5. Loose Ends

Duration: ~ 21 minutes

2017 – Riptide (EP)
2015 – Analog Blood (EP)

Ben Blutzukker (Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drum-Programming)

Year of foundation: 2015

Snowy Shaw


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